Q Happenings

Q Happenings - Issue 02
July 2019

2019 Template and Guideline for Programme Reaccreditation (Postgrad)

The template and guideline for preparation of PSAR 03 Programme Reaccreditation (Postgraduate) can be downloaded here :

Quality Assurance & Accreditation => Download => Item no 6 and no 7

Q Happenings

Q Happenings - Issue 01
March 2019


Documentation and Risk Management

Manages the MS ISO 9001:2015 documents ; coordinates the measuring & monitoring of quality objectives; coordinates QMS document audits and maintain a Risk Register.

Quality Audit

Plans and coordinates all activities pertaining to Internal Audits; conducts Internal Auditor training; monitors preventive and corrective actions.

Customer Feedback & Improvement

Manage customer feedback; coordinates customer satisfaction and related studies; coordinates and monitors quality improvement projects; training and awareness for customer feedback management.

Quality Assurance & Accreditation
Coordinates all academic quality assurance activities; monitors program audit documentation by the CoR; assists in the preparation of CoR institutional audit and program audits.